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CompWebChess was originally developed by Felipe Rayel and is based on WebChess 0.8.3 by Jonathan Evraire.

CompWebChess comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and is published under the GNU GPL.
To read the full GPL license, go to the url

Basically, the GPL says you are free to distribute and edit the sourcecode, as long as you keep
the rightful credits intact. Please read the full documents if you have any questions.

Project Maintainer
Nejat Philip Eryigit
This project shows what a true spirit of cooperation can be done with GPL.
The webmasters and developers listed below are to be commended for
their selfless and tireless efforts and their contributions to the chess community!


Nelson Newman 2010 R.I.P

Felipe Rayel, Michael Engels, Dennis Steele, Ironfist,
Dr. Georg Mondwurf, Thomas Müller, marionl, HAT, Winterfrost,
Bear, Eric,Nelson Newman
Javascript: Felipe Rayel, Andr� Lu�s Michels Alc�ntara, Eric
C/C++: Andr� Lu�s Michels Alc�ntara

Chess Bots
Original Source: Fimbulwinter 5.0 by John Shedletsky
Source Modification: Andr� Lu�s Michels Alc�ntara

Victor Hugo Manata Pontes

Elo Rating System
Winterfrost, Dr. Georg Mondwurf

Days per Move Mod
Dennis Steele

Nelson Newman

Felipe Rayel, Dennis Steele, Ironfist, Nelson Newman
Michael Engels

Messaging, Live Games, Clocks Mod
Michael Engels, HAT

Public Chatroom, Avatar, Tournaments, Groups
Dr. Georg Mondwurf
Thomas Müller

Dutch: Noel Toone
English: Victor Hugo Manata Pontes, Felipe Rayel, Nelson Newman
French: Dr. Udo Fritzke Jr.
German: Dr. Georg Mondwurf, Nejat Philip Eryigit (,
Italian: Vittorio Nicoletti Altimari
Polish: Jacob Dybala
Portuguese: Felipe Rayel
Spanish: Dra. Sonia Maria Barros Barbosa Correa
Russian: Yuri Volodin, Michael Mushaljuk


CompWebChess 2.2 rc1 (c) 2004, et A.J.E.C. 2020